WordPress Website Security in Asheville

WordPress security hardening to keep your site and your viewers safe.

Upgrade Your Website Security!

Ensuring that every piece of software on your website is up-to-date is crucial for safeguarding against hackers and maintaining stability. This means regularly updating not just the WordPress core, but also all plugins and themes your site utilizes. It’s common for plugins to conflict with one another or for an update to introduce instability. That’s why performing a comprehensive site backup before updating, and checking each plugin for compatibility, is essential. In cases where an update isn’t compatible, manual patching of the plugin may be necessary.

Let Asheville NC Web Design take the hassle out of managing your WordPress plugin updates and site backups. We offer a range of WordPress maintenance plans, each including monthly website backups and updates to WordPress software. This comprehensive approach ensures your website remains secure and operates seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about the technical health of your online presence.

Outdated Plugins & Themes?

Monthly website backups and software updates for only $20!

WordPress Website Security Hardening

Out of the box, WordPress stands as an impressive platform, celebrated for its versatility and adaptability across various environments. This flexibility is one of the core strengths of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Yet, it’s this very adaptability that renders default WordPress installations vulnerable. Without customization, WordPress sites can lack essential security measures, leaving them open to hackers and potentially overwhelming your server with hack attempts. Some web hosting services might even suspend your site or levy additional charges in response to these security breaches.

To combat these issues, Asheville NC Web Design offers a monthly Defense Plan tailored to fortify your website against these threats. Our proactive approach involves continuous adjustments and security enhancements to safeguard your online presence. This plan encompasses comprehensive security hardening tactics, regular malware scans, integration of CloudFlare DDoS protection, and the application of HackRepairs blacklist alongside a personalized ban list. These measures are designed to block IP addresses of known hackers globally, ensuring your site remains secure and operational. With our Defense Plan, you can trust that we’re dedicated to keeping your site protected from the “bad guys,” providing you with peace of mind and a secure platform for your digital endeavors.

WordPress Security That Works

Our Defense Plan ensures the safety of your data at $75/Month

Ready to Secure Your Website?

By enrolling in one of our WordPress maintenance plans, you’re taking a crucial step towards ensuring your website operates swiftly and securely, providing your visitors with the best possible experience. Safeguard your data and maintain peace of mind with our WordPress Security Defense plan. This comprehensive package is designed to keep your website protected against potential threats while optimizing performance for speed and reliability. Secure your online presence and ensure your viewers enjoy a seamless, safe browsing experience by choosing Asheville NC Web Design for your website maintenance needs.

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