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Asheville Website Maintenance Plans

At Asheville NC Web Design, we understand that your website is a crucial asset to your business, necessitating both safety and efficiency. This is why we’re excited to introduce our range of comprehensive plans designed to keep your website secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally.

Our team is on standby 24/7, ready to implement updates and modifications to your site, relieving you of the need to manage these tasks yourself. Opting for our monthly assistance package means you’ll have our expertise on call, without the worry of accruing hourly fees. Think of it as having your personal IT department on a retainer, always there when you need it.

In today’s digital landscape, website security cannot be overstated. Regardless of size, every site is a target for hackers worldwide, with even the smallest sites experiencing thousands of break-in attempts daily. The most frequent attacks involve brute force attempts to crack passwords. These attackers, often employed by unscrupulous SEO services, seek to embed malicious links into your site, potentially leading to severe repercussions like Google blacklisting or extensive damage to your site’s code.

Our monthly defense package is your shield against these threats. We ensure your software, including any plugins and the WordPress core, is always up to date, closing any vulnerabilities that might be exploited. Moreover, we’ll deploy robust software defenses to thwart hackers’ attempts at accessing your site, alongside maintaining regular backups. This way, should anything go awry, you can quickly restore your site and resume operations without missing a beat. Choose Asheville NC Web Design for a web hosting experience that prioritizes speed, security, and unmatched care for your online presence.


Backed up, updated, and optimized.
$ 20 Monthly
  • Weekly Backups
  • Core Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Optimizations
  • Speed Optimization
  • Plugin Compatibility Testing
  • Cache Configuration
  • Backup Restoration
  • Database Maintenance
  • Spam Control


At your service.
$ 35 Monthly
  • Maintenance Plan +
  • Up to 3hrs per Month of Work
  • Content Additions or Changes
  • Functionality Additions or Changes
  • HTML/CSS Changes
  • Custom PHP Scripting
  • eCommerce Optimization / Configuration
  • New Posts / Pages
  • Custom Fields
  • Advanced Form Configuration
  • Integrations


Become bulletproof.
$ 75 Monthly
  • Assistance Plan +
  • Malware / Virus Scanning
  • Malware / Virus Removal
  • Blacklist Removal
  • Brute Force Hacker Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Security Hardening
  • CloudFlare Configuration
  • WHM/cPanel Hardening
  • iThemes Security Setup
  • Firewall Configuration
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